‘’As you move through life, your needs change, so too your investment needs’’


At Lifespan Financial Services Ltd, it is our objective to help you ensure you have financial

plans that are aligned to your goals and needs. As you move through life, those goals and

needs change.


Today, many people are frustrated by the low interest rate environment. An environment

where hard-earned money is not generating the much sought after returns. Investing can be a

very rewarding experience and there are lots of ways for you to make your money grow.

There are many investment options available and lots of opportunities for you to start small

and work your way up as time changes. Options range from very low risk to very high risk, depending on the type of investor/investments.


We are also aware that investing can make some people “nervous” and with that in mind

Lifespan Financial Services Ltd will work with you to make the whole process as simple and as

transparent as possible.


Lifespan Financial Services Ltd work with a number of highly rated investment managers and life offices and can call on their expertise at any time to help you in the decision making process.


To find more about investments talk to Lifespan Financial Services Ltd.

Paul Lynch at 087 2498153 or

John Henderson 087 9130268 or